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Five Tips For Frustration-Free Cooking

The kitchen is the heart of the home, even more so in winter as we dust off the casserole dishes and soup pots. But clutter and confusion can make for a grumpy cook!

Candice Prins, a specialist at Eclipse DYNAMIC SPACE shares her top tips with EOA Daily for frustration-free cooking.

  1. Save time and shorten distances

The key to smooth workflow and saving time in the kitchen involves identifying the most common activities that you do in your kitchen, what storage items you need and where you’ll need them. Ideally, your preparation worktop space should be at least 900mm wide and located between your prep bowl (cleaning zone) and your hob (cooking zone) to ensure kitchen tasks run like clockwork.

  1. Keep spices and oils close at hand

Choose an ergonomic, high-fronted drawer to store your spices, oil bottles, vinegars and chopping boards. Place this unit between your prep zone and cooking zone for easy access during preparation and cooking time.

An inner dividing system prevents bottles from falling over and stores chopping boards neatly

  1. Choose drawers instead of shelves

Drawers are very ergonomic, making it far easier to access contents compared to shelved cabinets. Create up to 15% more space by choosing a wider drawer instead of two narrow ones. Deeper drawers with higher sides create even more space.

  1. Keep pots and pans close to the hob

Make sure your prized collection of cookware is right where you need it in drawers close to the hob. Use customisable cross dividers to separate lids from pots so that you don’t have to search high and low for the right lid. Baking trays can be stored upright conveniently in high-fronted drawers using dividing walls.

Separate your pots from their lids with Blum AMBIA-LINE inner dividers for easy access and a perfectly tidy drawer.

  1. Keep utensils organised and close by

It’s essential to have the right tools for cooking and prep work. It is just as important to keep these utensils organised and exactly where you need them to make kitchen tasks quicker and easier – this is where knife holders, film and foil dispensers, bottle dividers and spice holders come in handy.

Separate preparation and cooking utensils using inner dividing systems.

Source and images: ECLIPSE DYNAMIC SPACE

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