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Five Tasty Tips For Taking The Best Food Photos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Taking food pictures is almost as popular as talking selfies and has become a completely normal part of an eating experience.

These days, social media timelines are filled with friends and family indulging in a meal and sharing its’ delicious-ness. If you want to hop on the social media train to improve your food selfie skills, here’s a few of Dr. Oetker’s nifty food photography tips, to help you take the perfect #foodie photos.

  1. Check your lighting

Natural light is one of the most important ingredients for great food photos! Try taking your picture near a window or use a well-positioned lamp to try replicate natural light, until you find the perfect spot.

  1. Less is more

Take Coco Chanel’s advice on accessorising when it comes to styling a food photo shoot – step back, take a good look at your subject and remove one thing to avoid cluttering the photo with too many distractions.

  1. Ditch your flash

Using the flash on your smart phone or camera when taking food photographs is a no-no as it usually reflects small flecks of moisture, resulting in lights spots and an unappealing photo overall. Ditch the flash for softer light sources.

  1. Try a few different angles

Sometimes, the difference between an average, run-of-the-mill photo and a standout one comes down to perspective. Capture a photo of your yummy creation from above or try tilt your camera to the side.

  1. Bring your picture to life

Whether you’re holding the fork so that your hand is semi-visible, or you take a bite of the Dr. Oetker Ital pizza slices or mini pizzas, adding a human element always brings your picture to life.

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