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Five Small Habits Ruining Your Relationship

There are many things people do to sabotage their relationships, such as letting their insecurities get in the way or being unfaithful but there are small subtle things or habits that can lead to an end of a relationship.

Unlike mistakes, habits are more hurtful as they’ve built up for a longer period of time. If you can relate to any of the five things, it’s time to stop the pattern.

  1. Always staying indoors. – While taking into account that date nights don’t always have to be as frequent, being on the couch the whole week will diminsh the spontaneity and adventure in your relationship. Always make sure you keep things fun and even try new things instead of just sticking to a usual routine.

  2. Letting things slide. – If there are issues that need to be raised, do it immediately instead of “letting this one slide” no matter how small they may seem. You can do it without making a big deal instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

  3. Being lazy in the bedroom. – It’s normal if the sexual spark that was there initially has decreased but it’s never too late to change it. Making excuses such as having a hectic day at work or being too exhausted will only kill intimacy in your relatiosnhip and unfortunately this is one of the most important part of a successful relationship.

  4. Sleeping on the couch. – It’s a different story when you just doze in front of a TV while watching your favourite soapie but never let the couch replace your bed. This can create distance between then two of you so don’t underestimate sleeping with your partner on the same bed together.

  5. Not speaking your mind. – If you don’t tell your partner how you feel or what you’re thinking, unless they’re psychic – they’ll never know. Dropping hints will also not cut it and complaining to your friends will only make things worse as they’ll influence you.

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