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Five Skincare Regimen Mistakes to Avoid

Your skincare regimen requires you to repeat the same steps daily to ensure the best results. But are you doing it right?

If you want to achieve that natural glow and a healthy skin, you should avoid the mistakes below.

  1. Over-exfoliating: Exfoliatian gets rid of dead skin cells, but over-exfoliating can damage your top layer skin. Only exfoliate two to three times a week.

  2. Not cleansing properly: Make sure you are using the cleanser and moisturiser that are best suited to your skin type. Get a skin analysis done at a beauty counter if you need some assistance.

  3. Bad eating habits: A healthy diet that includes plenty of water, vitamins and minerals will have a positive impact on your skin.

  4. Not applying sunscreen: Whether the sun is out or not, your skin can still be damaged from the rays. Always protect your skin with a layer of SPF.

  5. Going to bed with makeup on: If we had beauty police, you’d get a life sentence for going to bed without removing your makeup! Not only is it a crime against your skin, but it can cause clogged pores and oil glands and lead to skin inflammation.

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