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Five Signs You’re Not Ready To Get Back With Your Ex

There’s nothing wrong with giving something or someone a second chance. If you feel like recreating the magic with your former lover, then give it a go if you think he is worth your time.

If you’re not too sure about having another go at a past relationship, these seven things should help you decide.

  1. Trust

Building trust with them again might prove to be very difficult, especially if they were the reason the relationship ended. The chances are things might never be the same again. If you feel as if things will never go back to normal, let it go!

  1. Painful breakup

If you had an unusually hard time getting over your ex after the breakup, think twice about getting back together with him.

  1. Emotional baggage

There will be issues that you both need to deal with and this means you might argue – a lot. Are you mentally prepared to deal with the roller coaster of emotions?

  1. Loneliness

Do you really want to get back with your ex or are you just lonely? If you are tired of being single and are considering settling for reviving an old flame, take a pause!

  1. Gut feeling

You might have no logical argument against getting back together with an ex, but a nagging feeling keeps you in doubt. Listen to your intuition – you are a woman after all!

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