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Five Reasons To Dry Brush Your Skin

You know the benefits of regularly exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising your face, but how often do you attend to the rest of your skin?

The skin is your body’s largest organ and needs daily care to improve its health. The biggest recommendation for overall skincare is dry skin brushing.

What is dry skin brushing? The process of brushing your skin with a dry-brush especially designed for this purpose has the following benefits:

  1. Exfoliation: Brushing removes dry, dead skin cells and clears clogged pores to allow for better absorption of body moisturisers, and improve the appearance of the skin.

  2. Increases circulation encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste.

  3. Reduces cellulite, as it is believed to soften up the hard fats underneath the skin, although there is no scientific evidence.

  4. Relieves stress. The massage is meditative and removes muscle tension and calms your mind.

  5. Improves digestion and kidney function. Dry brushing speeds up the process of removing waste through lymph stimulation (lymphatic drainage).

How To Brush Your Skin Dry? Step 1: You will need a high-quality brush with natural bristles, not the synthetic ones, usually available at health

shops. This is the only tool for the job!

Step 2: Begin brushing your ankles and work your way up your legs, stomach and back. End with your arms

and chest area.

Step 3: Use long, upward strokes towards your heart, the same direction that lymphatic fluid flows. Don’t rub

extremely hard and never brush back and forth.

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