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Five Natural Remedies To Rid You Of Flu Symptoms

Cold weather is synonymous flu, but there is a way to help ease the coughing, sore throat, body aches and fever the natural way.

Before heading to the pharmacist for over-the-counter medicine to help treat the symptoms of flu (there is no cure for flu as it is a virus), try one of these that may be lurking in your kitchen and are just as good.

  1. Water: The flu virus can leave you dehydrated, so drink enough water and other fluids, but avoid caffeine as it is diuretic. Rather opt for herbal tea mixed with honey and lemon juice.

  2. Chicken soup: This is an age-old remedy and a study also has proven that it helps with symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like flu, so mix up a cup and sip some soup.

  3. Raw garlic: Easy to find and also very affordable; mince it and drink it with water.

  4. Detox baths: Although not as fast-working as other remedies, they can ease the aching and fever discomfort.

  5. Couch potato: You may want to go to work, exercise or socialise, but listen to your body and rest, in bed if necessary.

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