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Five Must-Do’s When Planning Pre/Post Winter Wedding Trips

Winter weddings abroad are often associated with crisp white aisles and snow-capped mountaintops in the distance. But South Africa’s winter weddings don’t have to stand back, especially in the Western Cape.

From venues that boast panoramic views over scenic white-tipped mountain ranges, rugged African landscapes and untouched, white sand beaches, couples can choose from a wide range of venues within a three-hours drive of Cape Town. If you’re planning a pre- or post-wedding road trip to the Western Cape (perhaps to the Cederberg or Cape Whale Route this winter), Cape Country Routes says to keep these five great tips in mind for a smooth journey:

  1. Car assessment is key

It may seem logical, but check that your vehicle’s nuts and bolts are intact to save time, money and a lot of frustration. Also, create a quick checklist for filters, belts, fluid levels, oil, tires, alignment, lights and wipers.

  1. I spy with my little eye

Keep boredom at bay with a few fun things to do on a long drive. Your first trip together can be ideal to start collecting honeymoon memories on camera, and it is a good time to rekindle childhood car games that can spark further conversation.

  1. Road closure check-ins

While planning your route, check for stop-and-go’s that may throw you off schedule.

  1. Charge the way ahead

Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, your phone charger is packed or a charged power bank is close at hand. You don’t want to break down along a dark, wet road on a cold, winter’s day without being able to call for help.

  1. Is your accommodation booked?

Booking accommodation ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle. Add an exciting itinerary to your route with activities at pit stops, or a short stay at a guesthouse on route to your final destination. Try building your own package from the Cape Country Routes offerings.

  1. Spread the word

Don’t be shy to reveal the reason for your trip. You might just get extra special treatment and hospitality for being on your last pre-wedding or first post-wedding trip!

Source: Cape Country Routes Image: Supplied

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