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Five Denims Styles To Wear

Denim can be worn to the beach, on the red carpet and on a night out with your pals if you choose the right look

OneTeaspoon has put together different looks that epitomise rebellious cool.

  1. The French Cool

Refined, luxe, rock n roll. She has a certain je nais se quoi, an effortless edge.

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  1. The Camden Town

Rough-around-the-edges city street style reinterpreted as cult classics.

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  1. Rebel Muse

She breaks all the rules. Bold, glamorous, muse-like.

  1. Havana

Summer is a state of mind, baby.

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  1. The Core Denim Collection

This classic denim range, packed full of updated, fresh interpretations of the cult styles.

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Source and images: OneTeaspoon

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