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Five Beauty Essentials For Summer Driving

Make the most of your daily commute or a leisurely holiday drive with these beauty tips.

Who would’ve thought car experts know a thing or two about beauty? Ford suggests you have the following things with you in the car to keep your summer beauty on track…

  1. Sunblock – Keep sunblock or sun lotion in your car at all times. Make a habit of spraying your hands and arms whenever you drive, especially your hands, which are exposed to the sun while driving. Even short trips add up, so keep a travel-sized bottle of sunblock in your car to avoid awkward hand tans and skin damage.

  2. Spare UV Protection sunglasses and cool shades – Always keep a spare set of sunglasses in your car. Before you throw out your outdated shades from last summer, grab one or two and stow them in your car. They don’t have to be the most expensive, but make sure you always have sunglasses with UV protection.

  3. A summer scarf – A breezy summer scarf can have many in-car uses during summer. You can throw it over your seat or steering wheel if you’re just quickly running into the shops and don’t want to unfold your dashboard cover. It can also be used as a makeshift curtain if you’re sitting in traffic and the sun is shining directly onto a sleepy child.

  4. Soda water – According to Derek Kirby at DSFL, it’s a good idea to always keep a two-litre bottle of soda water in your car to top up your car’s water level and to drink to keep yourself hydrated. If you shake the bottle, it will spray thanks to its fizz and act as a makeshift fire extinguisher – we bet you didn’t know that!

  5. Keep it clean – To make sure your summer stash and accessories stay organised, use a boot organiser if you find it hard to properly organise you car.

Summer is the season of fun and adventure. Make sure your car is summer-ready so that you can have a safe, beautiful, healthy and pleasant break.

Source: Ford. Images: Pixabay

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