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Festive Décor Ideas To Get Your Home Christmas-Ready

If you’re struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year we have some top DIY décor ideas to put you in the mood, get you giggling with your family and deck your halls with boughs of holly.

Can you believe it? 2016 is almost at an end, which means that all that festive Christmas décor is making its annual appearance in all the malls, and not to mention all your favourite Christmas tunes.

Jingle bells, Santa smells? Anyone? No? What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than spending family time together making some great Christmas décor?

Here are our top six Christmas décor tips to spice up your home for Christmas:

1.     Paint a pine cone

It’s time to go pine cone hunting! Grab the family, head to a nearby pine forest and enjoy a relaxing stroll while the kids run around frantically collecting pine cones. Then, once you’ve settled back home and marvelled at your collection, paint your pine cones a colour that best fits your Christmas theme. Once they are dry, the last step is to hang them on some string for the Christmas tree or use them as part of your Christmas lunch table décor. Mix in a few candles and you have a winner.

2.     Glam up some console glasses

Have kids? They are going to love this one. Head to your nearest Pick n Pay store and buy some console glasses. Get your kids to paint them in your Christmas theme colours (or even as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, if they are feeling particularly adventurous). Once painted, use these beautified console glasses as a vase feature around your home, with some added greenery for a joyous feel.

3.     Hessian, candles, glass and greenery

This one is a definite winner for any Christmas table décor. It’s time to dig out that large vase that’s been sitting at the back of your cupboard or, if you don’t have one, Mr Price Home will definitely be able to help you out with this to ensure that you are ready to go. Place a clean, white candle in the middle of the vase, surround it with lush greenery and finish it off with a little bit of hessian to surround the bottom of the vase. This makes a beautiful but simple centrepiece for any table.

4.     New use for Christmas baubles

So you’ve already overloaded your tree with all the tinsel, lights and baubles, but you have some baubles and tinsel left over that you would really like to use. Here’s what to do: dust off some clear vases that you never use, pop in the baubles and tinsel and there you have it – something beautiful and effective to bring the Christmas spirit into every part of your home. If you really like this idea then pop in to String Beads at Eden on the Bay and they will get you stocked up on all the necessary glitz and glam for your bauble décor.

5.     Paint those pallets

This one should be fun! Find some leftover wooden pallets and paint some ‘Christmassy’ text on them, like ‘Joy to the world”, “Merry & Bright”… just a few ideas to get you started. Place this as a feature decoration in your home and finish it off with some leftover tinsel and, if you’re feeling extra creative, add a few fairy lights for a truly festive feeling.

6.     Something short and sweet

Here is something we love to do every year for Christmas and it always gets us in the Christmas spirit. Find a discarded wooden board, paint it with chalkboard paint, stock up on colourful chalk and cover the board with fun, Christmas messages. Place this as part of your décor around the house, pairing it with your already beautifully made bauble console glasses, tinsel, hessian, fairy lights – anything you can get your hands on to add to your festive, ready-for-Christmas look.

Don’t be overwhelmed this year with thoughts of festive décor, Christmas lunch preparation, present-buying and wrapping, and Santa snack sourcing. These simple and fun DIY décor tips will get you into a cheery mood in no time at all. Plus they’ll save you some money, brighten up your home and offer a fun afternoon with the family. This year we want to show you that Christmas preparation can be fun, with these Christmas décor ideas, your home will go from drab to festive in a few hours.

The Festive Feeling is about to start in 3… 2… 1…

Source: ShiftOne. Image: Pixabay

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