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Expert Advice About Your Beauty Regime

Whether you already have one or want to start, make your skin your number one priority with a good beauty routine.

Because we’re no skin experts, we asked Leani Leo, a qualified beauty therapist at Siam Botanicals, to give insight as to what makes a perfect beauty regimen. Read on!

Q: Who is best qualified to give advice on an excellent beauty regime?

LEO: Definitely a qualified health and skin care therapist, who can do a proper consultation to determine what your skin needs, and what products and regime will suit your skin and your lifestyle.

Q: Where are the best places to buy your absolute necessities, and why?

LEO: Your skin doesn’t stay the same month to month and you will need to do a thorough skin consultation every time you purchase products to determine what needs your skin has. A qualified therapist at a spa or salon will be able to give you the best solutions to your current needs.

Q: How can you get the best value for money when it comes to products?

LEO: The spas usually bring out new specials beginning of each month; you sometimes get specials that include a treatment with complementary products.

Q: How often should you revisit your beauty regime?

LEO: The norm is to relook your products every month (as the season changes).

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