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EvenMe! Launches Phase 2

The online portal that bridges the gap between sustainable employment and school leavers, graduates, unemployed youth and entrepreneurs, has announced the rollout of their second phase of development.

The innovative portal was first launched in December 2015 as a platform for the youth to interact, connect and learn as a highly tangible resource, where young South Africans could get the tools and know-how they need to secure sustainable jobs or entrepreneurial income streams.

The portal has joined hands with CPS Technologies and Star Schools, who worked closely with EvenMe’s Jill Young and Gavin Jones to develop a sophisticated backend for the portal. Phase 2 is set to deliver a series of carefully curated, interactive user journey giving you or your young family member a more efficient route to the information they need. This means less data usage and a more personalised experience.

EvenMe! Co-founder, Jill Young said, “The first six months of being live gave us immensely valuable insight into what the critical gaps were and what kind of real support our youth need in order to step up and live their best lives.”

CPS Technologies chief operating officer, Eugene Weimers said, “Whether it’s compiling a CV, finding out how to open a bank account or applying to study at a tertiary institution, we have succeeded in presenting the EvenMe! users with easy-to-navigate journeys that effectively empower young people to make the most of the opportunities life presents to them.”

The app also has a comprehensive learner management system (LMS) for high school learners, developed by education service provider, Star Schools. According to Star Schools’ chief executive officer, Atul Patel, LMS provides access to a universe of grade 10, 11, and 12 learning in mathematics, physical science, accounting and English First Additional Language in the form of digital workbooks containing CAPS-aligned (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) content.

Check out EvenMe! evenme.co.za. Visit the EvenMeMyLifeOnline Facebook page, connect via LinkedIn or simply follow @EvenMeLife on Twitter and evenme1 on Instagram.

Source: Listen UP


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