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Essays Of Africa Magazine 2nd Birthday Celebration

Kwenta Media is proud to announce the afro-themed 2nd birthday celebrations of its black women’s title, Essays Of Africa magazine, a publication takes great pride in elevating the unique voices of African women.

Essays Of Africa is a glossy lifestyle magazine that highlights a woman’s journey from being a girl to embracing womanhood, and seeks to understand the internal and external factors that influence this woman’s cycle of life. This magazine celebrates every facet of being a black woman, whether it is the rich colour of her skin or the authenticity of her spirit.






































“Today we celebrate Essays Of Africa’s two years of growth. The afros on our heads represent the journey of the African woman – her strength, crown and glory. Within 22 issues we shook the market as trailblazers with an African publication, telling African stories by African women. We raised up our own narratives and celebrated our very own heroines,” says Tumi Mdluli, Editor of Essays Of Africa magazine.

According to Tumi, the way the publication has aggressively penetrated and captured audiences on the African continent is cause for celebration and has contributed to the magazine rising to its highest circulation of 21 000. Plans are underway to utilise digital platforms to extend this footprint even further.

“You are invited as we grow our penetration strategy into Africa. The fastest-growing trends of digital media compel us to shift our investment into digital media. Our focus is the entire continent, mainly on our four key source markets: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria,” adds Tumi.

According to the young editor, soon-to-be announced partners will help Kwenta Media carry its groundbreaking content to all the relevant parts of the continent. This will include about 80% of Essays Of Africa being communicated via reliable different digital vehicles.

“We want you to engage with her on your small screens. If the markets say that’s where we are going, we want to lead. If things change one day, we will move swiftly and ensure that we are connecting and conversing with our readers in all key relevant environments.

“Our voice is unique. It carries authenticity. We were birthed on this African soil. We speak the languages, look like the locals and have the curves and African assets of black women because we are black women. We are grateful for the support this publication has received thus far and look forward to stronger partnerships and even greater connections with our readers in 2017,” concludes Tumi.

About Kwenta Media:

Kwenta Media is a 100% female-owned media and publishing house, accredited as BBBEE Level 1 and a member of the Publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA). It publishes Essays Of Africa magazine along with Mamas & Papas and African Travel Market (ATM) magazine, just to mention a few.

A visionary young black entrepreneur, Nawaal Nolwazi Mdluli, established the birth of Kwenta Media a decade ago. She articulated her dream and unveiled it 10 years ago after she returned from the United Kingdom (UK), where she had spent three years as the first black female to head the biggest key tourism market for South African Tourism as a Country Manager.

Nawaal was adamant that our African and/or South Africa media is skewed. One of the issues she raised was the misrepresentation of African narratives. If you were to scan magazine stands across South Africa, the majority (at times up to 80%) of the publications are international titles passionate about their international thinking and standards.

Nawaal’s question was, where are our voices? She identified a noticeable gap in the market, supported by extensive research and focus groups, for the generation of authentic content. Not just content, but ‘controversial’, untouched content.

Kwenta Media’s first consumer magazine was Mamas & Papas, a parenting and lifestyle magazine that seeks to emerge old and the new methods of parenting. Launched eight years ago, it still continues to address imbalances of the parenting issues in our communities, from pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, to birth and children up to the age of seven. Mamas and Papas is now the Number One pregnancy and parenting lifestyle magazine in the Southern Hemisphere.

Five years later, in 2013, Kwenta Media launched African Travel Market, which seeks to depict Africa as a contemporary continent that invites all people to visit the ‘mother of life’. And today, we celebrate the second birthday of Essays Of Africa magazine.

Her team, comprised of 99% women, reflects Nawaal’s love of children and dedication to women, as well as her belief that a company (and board) without women in it is doomed.

Images: Marx Written Makhado

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