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Eight Weird Things True Friends Do

True friendship takes your relationship with each other to another level. You laugh and cry together, get dirty and embarrassed in front of each other without any fear of judgement.

Oprah said: “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” We have a eight other tips that will suggest just how deep your friendship is…

  1. Booking a waxing appointment together

Sometimes our friend will know what our ‘hooha’ looks like better than we do. Anyone who can laugh and hold your hand while you yelp in pain, or even help you when you have a hot wax emergency is someone to call friend!

  1. Talking through bathroom stalls

Ever wondered why women go in small groups to powder their noses? The answer is simple: you’re able to talk to your friend through the walls while doing a number two.

  1. Plucking each other’s blackheads

Squeezing that ugly blackhead or popping that pussy zit for your friend is a sign of devotion.

  1. Discuss sex positions

Women do talk about sex, just like men. In fact, recent research suggests women think about sex at least half as often as men do. If you haven’t discussed any sex positions with your friends, you might just learn a thing or two if you start.

  1. Overanalyse men

From boyfriends to distant crushes to the man they’ve just met at a coffee shop, women will have already planned the honeymoon with their friends before he even makes his move.

  1. Whose boobs are bigger?

It doesn’t matter who witnesses you giving each other a pat down, because you are so comfortable comparing breast shape and size with your bestie

  1. Sharing embarrassing fantasies

No matter how bizarre they might be! Whether it’s being swept off your feet by Don Juan while your jealous boyfriend looks on, or getting naked with Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, your BFF will enjoy these glimpses into your fantasy life.

  1. Telling your friend you’re going to drop a big one

Forget not farting in front of her… you will gladly give her a running commentary about your bowel movements throughout the day.

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