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Eight Ways To Save Water

Water is precious! As the world’s population increases and water resources become scarcer, conservation efforts from everyone become ever more crucial.

Some companies are also taking part in saving water in every way possible. Between 2000 and 2015, Ford has reduced total global water use by 61%, or more than 38 billion litres. To celebrate World Water Day on 22 March, Ford would like to share tips for saving water around the house.

  1. Drip, drip, drip – If you’re looking for the culprit behind your waist-deep water bill at home, check for leaks. Ford conducts water leak identification programmes at manufacturing plants around the world to control water loss.

  2. Simple savings – It’s easy to overlook simple ways to save water. If you have kids at home, stick some fun graphics around the house and encourage them to learn about the importance of water conservation.

  3. Waste not, want not – Simple recycling like collecting water used to rinse veggies and fruits and using it to water your plants can make a big difference. Ford recycles water for further use including irrigating, floor cleaning, workshop water consumption, and more.

  4. Gardening for the future – Rethink your garden. Ford has taken steps to reduce the need for watering by using native, drought-resistant vegetation or other landscaping that requires less or no water.

  5. Keep the hose in its holster – Instead of washing your car with a hose, try using a bucket of soapy water before rinsing with a waste-reducing spray nozzle. While cleaning floors and outdoor areas, avoid using a hose when possible.

  6. Buy efficient – Savings on water and electricity bills can make the purchase of greener machines a no-brainer in the long run, at home and in workplace factories.

  7. Flush less – Try to avoid flushing away cotton balls or makeup tissues. Simply throwing them in a bin will cut down on the amount of water wasted with every flush.

  8. Wash smart – Ford kitchen employees only operate dishwashers at full capacity. This is easily replicated at home; whether it’s a dishwasher or a load of laundry, strive to run it only when it’s completely full.

Source: Ford. Image: Pixabay

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