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Eight Things You Should Talk About With Your BFF

Can you and your best friend talk about everything, no matter how deep, trivial or embarrassing? Or do you get the feeling that certain topics are off limits?

If you’ve answered yes to the second question, maybe it’s time you think twice about your relationship status as BFFs. The whole idea of a best friend forever is having someone you can rely on when you need them and trust with your most personal thoughts. Ask yourself these eight questions to see if your BFF meets the requirements of the job:

  1. Can you talk to her (or him) about weird or embarrassing health issue?

Not every health issue is a medical emergency. Sometimes that uncomfortable itch or strange rash can be explained away by a friend who has gone through the same thing, or they can hold your hand as you head to the doctor.

  1. Can you talk about your toilet habits? Are you able to share and compare details of the big ones you offload in the bathroom?

  1. Can you compain about that colleague you don’t like? We cannot like, or be liked by, everyone. A BFF should provide a safe space where you can talk or vent, so that your feelings won’t affect your working relationship with that particular colleague.

  1. Can you share the intimate details of your sexcapades? A BFF knows you better than anyone and will gladly share racy hints and sensible advice so that you can keep it spicy in the bedroom with your partner.

  1. Do you call them for outfit tips and shopping trips? You already share everything with your BFF, from your health to career to personal relationships. Who better to help you choose the perfect outfit for that special occasion?

  1. Can you ask them how you should respond to your crush? Are they the first person you call to stop you from doing something silly, like gush or play hard to get, when your long-time crush asks you out? This is part of the BFF code.

  1. Can they help you get your grooming game on? Every girl needs company during a mani or pedi – and moral support for that Brazilian wax! Is your BFF the one you bring along to the salon or invite over for a home spa day?

  1. Do you have inside jokes that only the two of you share? You giggle together about first kisses or wink at one another over cappucinos when a fashion disaster walks past, your BFF knows what you’re thinking without a word being said.

If you answer ‘yes’ to all eight, congratulations! You have a BFF worthy of the title and you will no doubt have many adventures along the way. If you have answered ‘no’ for three or more, perhaps it’s time to rethink the nature of your relationship and either work on it, or find a new best friend.

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