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Eight Things You Can Do Post-Sex

It may feel great, but you don’t always have to cuddle after a steamy session with your man. There are other things you can do to keep your relationship aflame.

  1. Go on a date – Usually couples start by going on a date and then they head home for a lovemaking session. Do it the other way round, hit the restaurants afterwards.

  2. Hop into the shower or bath together – It might sound like an excuse to save water, but you’ll be more relaxed so fill up a bathtub. Take it up a notch by lighting some candles, and relax.

  3. Hit the pillow – And this is not pillow talk… sleep! Don’t feel bad about it – you’re exhausted, so it is allowed.

  4. Do your thing – Like we said, it is not always about cuddling so if you need to read your e-mails or catch up on the news, do it together!

  5. Go to gym – You can burn even more calories by fitting in an hour’s exercise at the gym.

  6. Eat – Apparently sex makes you hungry, so indulge in whatever delicacy you have in your house. After all, you have to replace those calories you’ve just burnt.

  7. Talk about it – Tell him what he did during your lovemaking session to turn you on, and if you’d like him to continue doing it, let him know.

  8. Do nothing or do it again – Doing nothing is equally good; lie in bed, relax, have a conversation or do it again if you’re both game.

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