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Drinking Rituals And Superstitions From Around The World

There’s something about drinking culture that attracts rituals. Monkey Shoulder have scoured the world in search of fascinating traditions … some of which EOA Daily would recommend.

  1. Czech Republic – In some parts of the Czech Republic a toast must include eye contact with your fellow drinkers, no interlinking arms and no spilled drink. Failure to correctly follow these instructions will lead to seven years bad sex.

  2. Russia – If a drinker arrives late she must drink a full glass of vodka (the ‘punishment’ drink). In some remote parts of Russia, a man who spills his vodka must jump in the nearest river and return walking backwards (we definitely do not recommend trying this).

  3. Peru – The traditional sunday morning post-football drink has a special rule: one glass is shared between all the drinkers. Each man drinks half of his portion and then tips the other half on the ground before passing the glass along. The ritual is probably inherited from the ancient practice of offering gifts to ‘Pachamama’ (Mother Earth). The man who finishes the bottle has to buy the next round.

  4. East Africa ­– In some parts of East Africa, the third drink of the evening must be followed by a story from each drinker.

  5. South Africa – Ok, so we at EOA Daily came up with this ritual: Make the circle bigger! South Africans dance when enjoying drinks together, so we suggest everyone forms a circle and one after the other, people step into the circle, do a dance and have a drink.

Water is not always good for you: To toast with water is considered bad luck in the US Navy and anyone who does so can expect to die at sea!

Source: Monkey Shoulder. Images: Pixabay

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