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Dress Your Man With This G-Star Quiz

Which G-Star Elwood x25 Pants Suit Your Man? Take the quick quiz below and see what style will best complement your man’s personality.

Which TV show does he enjoy the most?

A:              A Thousand Ways To Die

B:              Bear Grylls

C:              Shark Tank

What would be his ideal birthday gift?

A:              A novelty gift

B:              A multifunctional Swiss army knife

C:              A premium bottle of whiskey

It’s Saturday. What is he most likely doing?

A:              Watching a live comedy show

B:              Fishing with the boys

C:              Wining and dining a special someone

Pick a car:

A:              Mini JCW

B:              Land Rover

C:              Porsche

He’s the only guy at a party. What does he do?

A:              Get up on stage, grab the mic and crack some jokes

B:              Leave

C:              Scout out the potential

Find your results here [Click through to page below]

Mostly A’s

Mostly B’s

Mostly C’s

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