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Doing Hair The Nubian Way

Finding a hair salon that would take care of my dreadlocks and still give me the desired look has always proved to be a difficult task for me, until I heard about Indalo Nubian Naturals.

Indalo specialises in taking care of natural hair only, from dreadlocks and sister locks to Afros. I asked a colleague, Siphokazi Masele, to join me as we’ve both been struggling to get a salon that cares for our natural hair dreadlocks, I don’t regret it for a second.

#SituatedRightDowntown Jozi at 77 Commissioner Street, we headed there thinking we would easily spot the building as salons are usually bright and vibrant, right? NO! Of course, we never thought there would be a hair studio dealing with native African hair right inside the Cornerhouse, one of South Africa’s heritage buildings with a neo-classicist architectural style.

Upon arrival, Smangele Sibisi, the hair salon owner welcomed us warmly and asked us what we wanted to have done. This was a pleasant surprise because we were used to just walking in to a salon and having our locs washed, twisted and styled. At Indalo, there are so many choices – you can step out in an Afro without having to cut or remove your locs.


Just talking to Smangele, you can see her passion and dedication to nurturing hair. It is evident that to her, and everyone working there, it’s not about the money, but your hair. I particularly enjoy the salon’s classical style, with its modern touches here and there, and my mind drifted to works of William Shakespeare.

It was only when Unathi, ‘The Holy Brat’ (I’m the only one allowed to call him that) asked me to hand him my handbag so that he could put it away that my attention returned to the moment. “They offer something to drink?” I asked myself and could hear him answer, “Tea, coffee, wine or juice?” as if he could read my mind. Wow!

Doing My Hair

Before anything else, Smangele quickly scanned my hair and picked up a lot of damage without even touching it and she duly scolded me, making me feel like a naughty child. She spritzed water mixed with oil to soak the scalp, explaining that this made it easier to wash off the dirt.


I quickly realised I was on a massage chair. How brilliant, right? A head and back massage at the same time! With this kind of service and value for money, I will definitely be returning again and again.

















I chose to have a soft curls wig sewn into my hair, while Siphokazi went for curled locs and we were soon transformed into the Nubians Smangele wanted us to be.



To find Indalo Nubian Naturals, contact Smangele Sibisi on +27 (0) 78 672 1772 or send an e-mail to smangele.sibisi@yahoo.co.za. Visit their Facebook Page or IG Page: @smarty_misshair.

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