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Does Your Money Work For You?

Chances are you are living beyond your means, and living a life that you can’t really afford …

You’re in the prime of your life; you have a job that pays well, you’re driving your dream car and treating yourself to weekend getaways. But towards the end of the month, you’re scraping the cents together and would rather skip dinner, than miss out on brunch with the girls every Saturday. Sound familiar? Making your money work for you is not as complicated as it sounds with these tips from 1Life:

  1. Firstly, set up a budget and stick to it. Be honest with yourself about how much money you have available to spend and how you’re going to use it.

  2. Cut out those added, unnecessary luxuries. Stick to buying what you need now and start saving for bigger ticket items to reward your future self. You will be financially comfortable to enjoy that weekend away – a very sweet reward indeed.

  3. You can’t save if you are in debt. Stick to your budget and live within your means – and pay off those shopping accounts. Depending on the amount of debt you have, it could take some time to dig your way out – but don’t despair. Have a debt plan – consolidate if you need to, work with creditors to put together a proper re-payment plan and be consistent with your payments. Don’t ignore your debt!

  4. Jot down a few financial goals and how you plan to achieve them. Make financial resolutions and goals, as this will help you be realistic about your current financial situation and help you save money now for the future. And like New Year resolutions – if you have a wobble, don’t be too hard on yourself. Pick yourself up, regain your focus and keep going – financial freedom is a long game.

  5. Still struggling? Consider a financial education course such as Truth About Money, which encourages financial skills through a variety of measurable platforms that tackle the issue at its root cause – financial habits. Take control of your finances will help you to make more informed decisions that can change your life – one step at a time.

So, ladies, there you have it – it’s not that difficult to empower yourself to be financially free. Make your money work for you for a better and more comfortable financial future!

Source: 1Life. Images: Pixabay

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