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Do You Have An Office Bestie?

Oversleeping, skipping out on breakfast, meeting with demanding clients and missing important deadlines are often part of a busy workday. It helps to have a bestie at the office to make these situations more bearable.

An office bestie is the person you can rely on for encouragement and motivation when you’re one project short of a meltdown. Still in doubt? Check out the following 10 reasons why an office bestie can make your life at work better and fun.

  1. They’ll cover for you when you’re running late. If you know you are going to miss the morning meeting, you can rely on your bestie to update you. She’ll even go as far as to let you know the boss’s mood, so that you can come up with a good reason for being late.

  2. Lunch breaks are better when you’re with someone. Eating lunch alone or with strangers is hard to swallow. Remember, besties who eat together, stay together!

  3. Is there new eye candy in the office? After deciding who will get the new hot guy, she can be your wing woman.

  4. The best support system. Whether you had to deal with a rude client or just received a promotion, you know that there’s someone there to share in these moments, as you would do for her.

  5. She will always stand with you. When everyone else goes against you at work, you’re guaranteed to have one person in your corner.

  6. Real sound advice. Your bestie doesn’t have any ulterior motives when it comes to career advice and will give you her honest opinion.

  7. Gossip buddies. Every girl needs a gossip partner, simple!

  8. Someone who’ll listen to you. Who else can you whine or rant in front of or trade fashion tips with around the water cooler?

  9. Your office partying partner. Office events and parties are certainly a lot more fun with your office bestie.

  10. An after-office-hours friend. If you’re lucky, your friendship will extend beyond the workplace!

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