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Do’s And Don’ts Of Weave Care

If your weave looks dull soon after you’ve put it on, the chances are you’re not actually taking care of it properly.

Ensure your weave doesn’t become too flat or dull with these do’s and don’ts from Darling Hair.


  1. Make sure you wash your hair and do a conditioning treatment on the hair before a weave application. This will help keep your natural hair strong and healthy.

  2. Make sure to rest the scalp for a week between weave applications, and do a moisturising treatment during each week for great and healthy hair.

  3. Always brush hair while it’s dry (this is the opposite for deep curl or permed, where it will cause hair to look frizzy).

  4. Brush hair two to three times a day to keep it smooth and tangle free.

  5. Begin brushing from the bottom of the hair while securely holding hair at the top, as you detangle work up the hair, never brush from the root.

  6. Wear a silk or satin scarf every night to keep your hair smooth and frizz free.

  7. Use silicon serum two to three time a week for better-looking weave.


  1. Relax your before any hair weaving service.

  2. Have cornrow foundations that pull your hair line, as these will cause traction alopecia or hair loss.

  3. Use petroleum-based products on the scalp, as they will only create buildup.

  4. Leave a weave on for more than six weeks. Your scalp needs time to breathe.

  5. Use oil sheen or hair food on your weave, as this will make it look greasy and dull.

  6. Use fine-toothed combs. Rather use a soft brush with widely spaced bristles, preferably a looped brush or a wide.

Source: Darling Hair. Image: iStock.

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