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Dineo Moeketsi's Rising Star

SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg (23 April 2018) – While everyone recovers from the intense scenes from The Queen covering domestic abuse, the star of the show, Dineo Moeketsi talks to Essays Of Africa about how playing Kea has challenged her from day one. She also highlights on how important it was for her storyline to take this darker turn because South Africa has become too passive about abuse. Moeketsi also touches on life growing up in KwaThema and she gives us a glimpse into the close relationship she shares with her family.

How much do you know about amaLobolo? Our writer, Caryn Thandi Petersen touches on the bridal prize and how it has changed over the years. Finding pleasure in sex can seem impossible after sexual abuse, can sexual healing help you enjoy being intimate? Find out more in this issue’s Sex feature. Abafazi BeNgoma talks women empowerment through African tunes. And if you thought Leather was worn and out, have a look at our main fashion and be reminded why you fell in love with it in the beginning.

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