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Detox Diet For Negative Traits

New Year detox diets aren’t only meant for the foods and drinks you’ve indulged in during the holidays. There are other areas of your life that may also need to be completely renewed or restored.

1. Get rid of things and people you don’t need and care about. Bid farewell to anything and anyone causing you sadness, heartache and pain. Don’t let your plans for a new year be hindered by useless and negative influences – this also applies to social media platforms.

2. Look after your skin and body. There may have been a few nights where you came home from a night of drinking and partying all night and went to bed without removing your make-up or following your skincare regimen. It only takes a few minutes.

3. Food and drink you’ve consumed too much of during the holidays. You really can’t fight the temptation to overindulge when there’s food and drinks everywhere you look. Now that things are back to normal, you can cut down on these and look for a cleaner and healthier diet. It is time to return to regular skin care, a healthy diet plan and your exercise routine.

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