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Dealing With Jealousy In Relationships

No matter how strong your relationship is, negative forces such as jelaousy can always put it at risk. It is important to fight such energies in the early stages of a relationship before the damage is irreparable.

Whether the jealousy comes both partners or just one person, it needs to be dealt with by both parties because issues that have to do with trust, insecurities and doubt cannot be fixed overnight. Here are five things you can do to prevent jealousy from getting in the way of your relationship:

  1. Communicate openly – Bring up any concerns you have with your partner because bottling your feelings will only eat you. If you and your partner have a healthy relationship, you should be able to talk openly without being offended or becoming angry and defensive.

  2. Work on you – Jealousy always stems from within so take some time for introspection on the causes of your insecurities. Not doing so will only eat away at your self-confidence and you can jeopardise your happiness by jumping to conclusions.

  3. Don’t cut off intimacy – Although relationships are not entirely about sex, it does help to reassure and show your partner that you care for them, especially if they are the jealous one.

  4. Remind them that you care – Some couples tend to become comfortable in their relationship and stop telling their partners how much they love them, or why. You can do this through small gestures or just telling them how much they mean to you.

  5. Avoid overthinking –Avoid dwelling on negative thoughts because these will lead to envy and irrational behaviour. If you and your partner love and trust each other, you should be able to work through any situation together.

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