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Dating Tips For Single Moms

For whatever reason many single mothers tend to shy away from dating, today we say take the leap and get back into the dating game. 

I don’t do this often but when I really put my mind to it, I can come up with some sound advice, so you better listen up. Am I an expert when it comes to all that concerns relationships? No, but I’m still a romantic at heart and I do believe that we all deserve to be loved especially us single mothers. So please do allow me to be serious and give you some sound dating tips.

Think Safety First

This doesn’t only apply to single mothers but to every woman. Don’t let your date pick you up at home until you know them very well. Do a background search on them, how you wonder, well we’ve got Google, Facebook, Twitter and so many other internet search engines, you’ll definitely find something. You might feel like a creeper but better safe than sorry.

Accept That Dating Will Be Hard

First of all, you have to allow yourself to meet new people, and this person will need to accept the fact that you’re a parent and than you have to bring in the kids on your new love interest, they might like him, they might not like him but for everything to go well, all these things I’ve mentioned need to gel together for things to pick up.

Plan It Out

You’re a mother so working on a schedules and plans isn’t or shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. Dating involves a lot of planning and orchestrating, especially for single parents. Think time, your needs, your dates’ needs, and most importantly, your kids needs.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Comfortable

When your child is used to having you all to herself it becomes hard for her to share you with someone else. You don’t have to dive in and tell the kids that you’re dating someone especially when it’s still new, you can start of by introducing this person as your ‘special’ friend and then slowly give them hints that you’re in love with this person. Ease them into the relationship.

Hold Up On Sleep Overs

Yes you’re excited about this new development but please don’t jump the gun and go overboard. Take it slow and get to know the person and if it happens that both of you see this relationship going far then go for it.

Find A Mature Partner

OK, we don’t chose who to fall in love with but it’s always best to go for someone who will understand when you cancel your romantic plans because your child broke their arm at school.

Lastly, Don’t Be Bashful

It’s only normal that after having a baby or two or more, you won’t be too comfortable when it comes to showing your body. If your partner really cares about you, he won’t care about those bumps and stretches here and there. Anyway, you can always go on a diet and exercise regularly or you can just buy a good piece of lingerie, it always works as a good distraction…

Hey I did say I’m no pro but hopefully my tips will help lead you in the right direction. Before you go for the plunge, remember to love yourself first before seeking it elsewhere. Ok go on and have fun, and best of luck!

Words By: Thina Mthembu

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