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Dating Outdoors In Winter

Don’t scratch off a date with that special someone just because it’s a little too cold. There are many creative ways to spend time outdoors without succumbing to frostbite!

  1. Ice-Skating

We might not be lucky enough to have weather that will freeze over any natural ponds, but you can head to an indoor rink. Hold hands if you’re a newbie or simply want to get a little closer.

  1. Go to a sporting event

In South Africa, winter is rugby, soccer and hockey season! Take your partner to an outdoor game and watch just how appreciative he will be.

  1. Sunset hot chocolate

Grab a blanket and lay it on the lawn or veranda, or wherever you’ll have a good view of the sun as it sets. Turn it into a little picnic by adding a flask of hot chocolate and a few goodies to snack on.

  1. Get moving

Take a romantic walk together or team up for an outdoor workout (park run, for example) to not only strengthen your bond, but also burn those unwanted calories.

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