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Dating Habits to Drop in 2017

If your dating life was also negatively affected by the horrors of 2016, you can always start afresh.

Dating is fun and if you want it to be more fun, you need to get rid of some bad relationship habits you might have:

  1. Drunk dialing and texting ­– Most people don’t know what they’re doing or saying when intoxicated, so avoid making this mistake. You just might need to deal with something worse than a hangover the next day.

  2. Not making the first move – How else are you going to meet men if you don’t put yourself out there? You don’t have to say things like ‘hey, let’s go out for dinner’ but simple eye contact works too. This applies to texts and calls.

  3. Living in the past – Forget the past and any failed relationship that might prevent you from meeting new people.

  4. Don’t waste time on guys you don’t like – Why spend so much time someone you know isn’t making you happy? Set both of yourselves free and be open to true happiness.

  5. Hiding who you are – Order the kind of food you like to eat when you go out on a date. Who says you can’t have spinach on a first date, or that you should only eat salads? Being yourself is the only to find out if he likes the real you!

  6. Stop focusing on his flaws – Does he have a big belly? Does he talk too much? If you’re going to spend so much time sussing out his flaws, you’ll end up not finding anything to like about that man.

  7. Your friends’ opinions – Don’t be overly influenced by your friend’s opinions about your man; you’ll stay single while they hear wedding bells.

  8. Having a type –We can’t have it all – it is impossible to tick everything off your partner wish list.

  9. Always going back to an ex.– It didn’t work out for a reason. Instead of wasting emotional resources on an ex, resist the temptation to text, Facebook stalk, or meet up for a hookup when you’re feeling lonely.

  10. Picking unneccesary fights – If you’ve had a bad day at work or someone upset you, don’t take it out on him.

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