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Cool It Down With Catnip And Cucumber!

Invite friends or family over for a fruity, herbal sundowner that uses your furry feline’s favourite treat. Just don’t be surprised when this catnip and cucumber cocktail brings all the kitties to your yard!

Catnip and Cucumber Cooler

by Hendrick’s Gin

What you’ll need:

50 ml gin

20 ml fresh lemon juice

10 ml elderflower cordial

8 to 12 leaves of catnip

20 ml cloudy apple juice

50 ml fresh cucumber juice

How to make it:

Combine gin, lemon, elderflower and catnip in base of tall glass and muddle. Add ice, apple juice and churn. Add more ice, top with soda and garnish with a cucumber wedge and catnip sprig.

Source and image: Hendrick’s Gin

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