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Claire Mawisa in the November Issue of EOA Magazine

Essays Of Africa magazine talks to Carte Blanche’s newest investigative journalist, Claire Mawisa, who shares how her career as a model started when she was just 14. However, it wasn’t always a glamorous life as Mawisa invites us into her world when the camera lights were off

Ashes to Ashes actress Nyaleng Thibedi reveals a painful chapter in her life and encourages women to pay attention to relationship red flags.

Still on strong women and their journeys, our guest blogger looks into the silenced achievements of women, who are the real game changers of the 21st century. As November heralds the beginning of the campaign against women and children abuse, Ndoni Khanyile explores how people can help curb this social ill.

We see the return of the gladiator sandals and bodysuits on our fashion pages, proving once again that fashion is all about re-styling timeless trends. The much-awaited summer season is finally here and what better way to celebrate it than by taking soulful journeys to Africa’s splendid destinations on page 96.

Images: Gareth Jacobs

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