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Chunky Men’s Shoes Ideal For Work And Fun

Finding the ideal men’s shoe for work and fun is not an easy task. With this in mind, Barker Footwear has developed Flexi-Welt, a stylishly chunky casual range for both work and leisure wear.

The fashion-forward, high-quality leather Flexi-Welt has a thicker, chunkier sole with a coloured shoe inner. The sole has gel pads at the forefoot for maximum all-day comfort. Barker’s head of marketing, Stuart Hopwood, says a Flexi-Welt should be a must-have in every man’s wardrobe as it is comfortable, adaptable and attractive. “They’re perfect for formal occasions, a night on the town, or for work,” says Hopwood.

R1 299

R1 299

R1 199

R1 199

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Images: Spree and Barker Footwear.

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