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Choosing The Best Makeup For Your Skin Tone

Having flawless makeup is as simple as applying the correct shade of foundation; however, choosing one that matches your skin tone isn’t as simple as it sounds.

In a quest to find out how it is done, EOA Daily invited Zandi Khumalo, a makeup expert from Black/Opal to help some of our team members learn how to go about choosing the right foundation shade. We learnt that getting the right colour isn’t just about going into a beauty store and picking the one that you think best matches your skin. There are a few basics you need to take into account such as the following three steps:

  1. Knowing your skin type to help you find the right formula.

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  1. Choosing the foundation. You will need help from the makeup experts at the store and then test it before you purchase the product.

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  1. Learn how to apply makeup like a pro. If you feel you have found the perfect shade, ask for some lessons on how to apply it. Some beauty brands will charge you a certain fee as it is regarded as a tutorial.

We asked Zandi if there is a difference between winter and summer foundation and she says that the same rule still applies: choose the colour that matches your skin. She also advised each of us how to get a healthy looking skin and provided personalised makeup tips.

Kati Dijane

Winter makeup: Oil-based

Features to care for the most in winter: Eyes and lips. Lips must always be hydrated.

Eye-shadow palette: Smokey

Lipstick shade: Fantasia Plum

Thina Mthembu

Winter Makeup: Oil-based

Feature to care for the most in winter: Under-eye

Eye-shadow palette: Nudes

Lipstick shade: Fashion Fuschia

Hlulani Masingi

Winter Makeup: Oil-Base

Features to care for the most in winter: Eyes and lips

Eye-shadow palette: Semi-Natural

Lipstick shade: Plum

Makeup: Black/Opal

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