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Choose Sandals Over Flip-Flops

Do you wear flip-flops all day every day? You may be damaging your feet.

According to a top international podiatrist and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dr Jackie Sutera, “Wearing flip-flops may damage heels and toes and cause blisters and bunions.” She says flip-flops may also negatively affect posture, cause heel pain and lead to pinched nerves in the back and recommends supportive sandals instead.

Barker Footwear designer Devan Odayan has produced a new, lightweight, flexible sandal perfect for leisure and formal occasions. This sandal has maximum comfort and support and your foot will be relaxed at all times.

The Barker Footwear

Choose Sandals Over Flip-Flops

The Barker Footwear

Available nationally at selected independent retailers. RSP: R499.

Find more sandals online at Spree to suit your personality and style.


Criss-Cross Sandals (Beige), FOOTWORK, R399.


Jelly T-Bar Sandals (Neutral), Candy’s, R120.


Leather Crossover Sandals (Tan), Edit, R199.


Natasha T-Bar Sandals (Silver), ZOOM, R279.


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