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Cheesy, But He Might Just Love It – Valentine’s Day Gifts

This is probably not your first Valentine’s Day celebration. At one point you must’ve taken care of the fancy, too pricey dinner tab, worn that super sexy lingerie under your work outfit, stashed tickets to his favourite game in your handbag. If you’ve run out of fuel or ideas, or if you’re like me and your budget is a bit tight, theirs is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the cheesy route, after all, it is the thought that counts, right? Try it out and who knows, your love might actually love it!

How about an in house picnic – Our summers bring afternoon showers, so let go of the expensive dinner and prepare his favourite meal, add some champagne or if you’re not a drinker, there’s non-alcholic bubbly, set the blanket in the lounge and add some candles to set the mood. Once all the dishes and glasses are cleared, maybe you can think of some activities that will burn the calories.

Write him a love letter – You don’t have to go Shakespeare on him, if your man is the type of man who holds on to every gift you’ve ever given him, this letter will also find a special place and space. Forget about posting it on his Facebook wall or his Twitter timeline, it’s been overdone and it outdated! Don’t know what to write? Well, you can tell him something that you’ve told him before, like how you felt when you first saw him, your breath hitches every time he touches you or walks into a room, if you’re brave, you can maybe add a bit about how you picture your future together.

Massage the stress away – He’s probably had a long day and seems a bit tense, get him to lie in bed, bring out your scented candles and your favourite massage oil or lotion, you’ll definitely need your two warm hands to complete the package. As to how the ending looks, it’s completely up to you!

A day in bed – This year, Valentine’s Day is on Saturday (Whoop!), let him stay in bed while you bring him breakfast in bed, you know his favourite shows, if he has a TV in the bedroom, great, if not, you can bring the laptop in to the room. You could also keep each other warm, physically. There are only two rules: No cell phones allowed in the bedroom and you only leave the room to go to the bathroom or to get snacks.

Send him on a treasure hunt – You know what time he’ll get back home, set a trail with clues and small sticky notes all over the house. Ideally, the trail should lead to the bedroom were the treasure (YOU) will be. As to what happens after the treasure is found, we’ll leave that to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Thina Mthembu

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