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Calm Down With A Cuppa Chamomile Tea

Is chamomile tea all it’s cracked up to be? I’ve grown up with the mentality that there’s nothing that a good cup of tea cannot solve.

After walking away from an incredibly difficult situation, my emotions are overwhelming and my mood is low. And, of course, during these times of emotional stress, I make a cup of chamomile tea to soften the blow. Perhaps it’s all in my head, but there is something undeniably soothing about a cup of chamomile. Fact or an old wives tale; you decide!

  1. It is sleep inducing due to the favanoid chrysin it possesses, which is known to aid insomnia.

  2. It is known for its antibacterial.  Certain studies have shown that regularly consuming chamomile tea can help boost your immune system.

  3. It is said to relieve stress, as it relieves muscles spasms and tension that is usually associated with stress.

  4. The simple aroma of chamomile tea is rumoured to relieve headaches.

  5. It contains apigenin and luteolin, chemicals that help to reduce the anxiety and depression. The compound Matricaria Recutita in chamomile also helps to reduce anxiety.

It would be incredibly far-fetched to state that a simple cup of tea can mend my broken heart, we all know that time is the best healer in these situations. I’m taking it one cup of chamomile at a time.

What’s your go-to stress-relieving tea?

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