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Butterfly Crunch To Flatter Your Abs

This butterfly crunch exercise will leave you a little tender, so you might have to rein in the laughter a little – but only for a moment.

Step 1: Place a mat on a flat surface. Lie on your back and make sure your knees are open with the soles of your feet together.

Step 2: Lengthen your arms over your head, so they rest on the floor.

Step 3: With your shoulder blades off the ground or mat, breathe out or exhale and bring your hands and knees toward each other. This move will enable you to perform a full-body crunch and a small reverse crunch. If you don’t feel your abs squeeze in this position, you’re doing it wrong.

Step 4: Lower your arms and feet slowly to count this as just one rep.

Step 5: You can do as many crunches as you want or can in 60 seconds.

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