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Busting The Myths Around Hair Extensions

There are many myths out there about hair extensions but, luckily for us, we have Darling Hair to help us bust these untruths.

  1. Hair extensions can damage your hair

The most common misconceptions surrounding hair extensions are that they damage healthy hair and prevent natural hair growth. In many cases, hair stylists recommend hair extensions for clients to assist with a more comfortable transition from short to long hair and to help with hair growth.

  1. Your hair won’t grow if you use hair extensions regularly

This is not true, as the hair will continue to grow as usual depending on the products that are used to maintain your hair. Follow recommended haircare tips such as sleeping with a hair net with wider holes and retaining moisture on the scalp with professionally recommended aftercare products.

  1. They limit your active lifestyle

Whether you like to play sport or exercise, hair extensions will not limit your lifestyle in any way. They’re meant for your convenience and are versatile when it comes to styling, while also protecting your hair. You can wear them as an accessory, making you look even hotter in that gym gear! Just remember to wear a swimming cap when swimming.

  1. They are made from dead people’s hair

This is by far the most popular myth around hair extensions and definitely is not true. To date, no one has an idea of where this myth originated from; most hair products are manufactured from the highest quality fibre and guarantee unrivalled and superior quality.

  1. They demand regular care at a hair salon

Another commonly held belief about hair extensions is that they demand professional care at a salon on a regular basis. Maintaining your hair does not always have to be a costly experience involving professionals.

Pearle Peane, Darling Hair’s senior brand manager says, “Darling Hair’s extensions are uniquely produced to cater for every African women’s hair care needs, as well as the varying and at varying occasions as well as climatic conditions.”

Image: Darling Hair.

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