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Build Your Own Watch

Millennials desire simple yet stylish, quality watches at an affordable price – but finding the market lacking. Two fashion-forward South African engineering students have embarked on a quest to create the perfect arm candy.

Their result? Colton James Timepieces – a reasonably priced range of customisable watches made from the finest materials.

What is Colton James?

As fashion evolves rapidly, Colton James offers interchangeable straps that enable wearers to instantly update their look. The easy-to-use, quick release mechanism means that no tools are needed. Plus, there are no loose parts that can get lost. As the timepiece itself is classically designed, it will not age, so you get maximum return on their investment and have a watch head that’s forever fashionable, but can be switched up to echo the trends of the time through the addition of the latest straps. You can get a watch builder to play around, personalise and pick your ideal watch, with a choice of nylon, mesh and leather straps in the season’s hottest colours.

In their pursuit to produce unique timepieces, the founders – Vincenzo Marchesini and Christopher Lowndes – drew design inspiration from history. Interestingly, they found that although the wristwatch dates back to 1810, it was only popular among women – until men caught on to its convenience during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). At the time, pocket watches were used with wires soldered onto them to loop through a piece of material that would be tied to the wrist. This served as inspiration for the lugs on Colton James watches.

The Anglo-Boer War era also marked the emergence of the propeller aircraft, another innovation nodded to in the design of Colton James pieces through the watch hands. One propeller aircraft that particularly drew the attention of the duo was the PZL P.11 – a rare Polish fighter plane with a distinctive gull wing design that has been captured in the all-metal watch buckle. The cowling around the plane’s engine has also been hinted at in the unconventional inverted bezel.

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Source and images: Colton James

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