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#BraveTheWinter In A Poncho

Are you embracing winter’s boho vibes yet? Skip the jacket and make the poncho your go-to layering piece for beating the seasonal chill.

With jeans and a tee or turtleneck, it has a cosy appeal that works wells well for weekend brunching and running errands. For instance, the Kelso poncho available at Edgars is so versatile that, even in a chunky knit, it can still provide a more sophisticated look.

Available at selected Edgars stores and the Kelso stand-alone store at Bedford Centre in Bedforview

Ponchos are a staple in colder weather because they are extremely comfortable and keep you warm, while allowing you to layer underneath. A poncho in the finest knit that’s super soft and gentle on the skin is the perfect punctuation point to any winter look!

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The best looks for the season are the ones that make you feel stylish while you’re cosying up with a blanket. The poncho is the must-have seasonal item as it allows you to do just that. For more ponchos to #BraveTheWinter with, EOA Daily recommends you visit Spree:

Source: Edgars. Images: Edgars and Spree

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