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Beat The Heat With Your Facebeat

Just because it will get hot in summer, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the make-up. Learn how you can beat the heat with your facebeat.

  1. Don’t apply powder; it will look cakey once you start sweating. Use liquid foundation and just control the shine every now and then with blotting paper when you have to.

  2. Go for waterproof eyeliner, mascara and brow pencil to avoid smudges.

  3. Don’t apply too much bronzer because, according to All4Women, ‘products with yellow tones can oxidise during the course of a day and even more so if it’s hot.’

  4. Keep the make-up as natural as possible. If you try to coordinate too many colours on your face yoy might end up looking like The Joker from The Dark Knight.

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