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Be The Master Of Your Own Hair

Extensions are fabulous if you are always on the go and it’s great to flaunt your hair weave, but remember to take care of the hair beneath it.

Be extra cautious with a fragile hairline when adding extensions and condition your hair regularly. Relaxed hair also needs extra moisture and careful handling. Minimise the heat you apply to it and pamper it with conditioner treatments for the best results.

These three top tips from Long & Lasting show how you can be the master of your own hair:

  1. Short Hair – A pixie cut works best for oval-shaped faces. Use a styling product like a moisturiser to keep your hair in place. Be sure not to over shampoo your hair and use a leave-in conditioner for shorter hair. Wrap lotion can be used to keep hair sleek or to keep your curls bouncing.

  2. Relaxed or Weaved Hair – Treat your scalp while you’re wearing a weave with hair nourisher to bring back life and relieve a dry, itchy scalp. The addition of shea butter and lanolin adds softness to protect during heat styling.

  3. Braiding, Dreadlocks or Cornrows – Suffering from dry an itchy scalp? Use a braid spray with shine that contains anti-dandruff agents to relieve a dry or itchy scalp. Your scalp will be protected from dryness, while the braids have a deep shine.

Source: Long & Lasting. Image: iStock

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