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Are You The Victim Of Bad Body Odour?

We’ve all been in an awkward situation of standing in a queue, getting into a lift or sitting next to someone when we’re suddenly hit by a whiff of bad body odour.

A social experiment filmed by the Shield Germ Defence team shows that although people notice bad body odour (BO), they don’t necessarily say anything. This is probably because they don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings or cause a scene. On the other hand, nobody wants to be that person, the one with bad BO!

No one wants to be the reason that people around us block their noses or open a window. BO is a real thing that affects so many of us yet it can easily be prevented. Knowing that germs are the real cause of bad BO goes a long way in preventing being caught in a ‘smelly’ situation.

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How would you tell someone they have bad BO? Or would you tell them at all? Let us know on Twitter how you would tell them and tag @essaysofafrica and don’t forget to hashtag #ShieldGermDefence.

Source: Shield

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