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Are You Next On The #Kingofkicks?

Kings of Kicks is once again calling all passionate sneaker fans to lace up and put their best kicks forward in the 2017 #kingofkicks competition.

We have a feeling that this year’s competition is going to be off the hook! Launched in 2015, #kingofkicks began as a way to reach out to all respected sneakerheads in South Africa. Since then, the movement has gained speed, with over 2 500 curated sneakers already in their collection – and counting. Russian Bear is leading the pack and aims to take sneaker culture from the streets to the next level. This year’s winner will be crowned the 2017 #kingofkicks and will walk away with a year’s worth of sneakers valued at R60 000. Could it be you?

The campaign will run over 12 weeks and open up 4 categories, each inspired by Russian Bear. They are:

1/ Classics – These are the original, signature kicks that never go out of style.

2/ 24/7 – The sneakers that keep on going.

3/ COLOURWAYS are inspired by Russian Bear flavours and make you stand out from the crowd.

4/ GRAILS for the most prized kicks; they are hard to get your hands on and all the hyper beats want it. This category is inspired by Russian Bear’s most recent award won in the International Wine and Spirits Challenge: GOLD OUTSTANDING!

Twitter and Instagram is where all the action is. To enter, upload an image of your kicks (a single pair or your entire collection) and caption it with the #kingofkicks hashtag and with the category you want to enter, for example #kingofkicks #kingofclassics. Alternatively, enter directly online via the King of Kicks to enter.

Source and images: King Of Kicks

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