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Apes And Apples Cocktail For Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day with a fine ‘Apes and Apples’ blend, authentic to its core, just like your pops.

Brought to you by Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Father’s Day is a great excuse to mix up a drink and share it with your dad. The ‘Apes and Apples’ recipe demands balance and is the perfect upscale cocktail for the whiskey-loving dad. You cant go wrong this Father’s Day with dad’s favourite spirit and mixing up the Apes and Apples cocktail blend.

Apes and Apples

Tastes like: Raised in the jungle, and dancing through the orchard at midnight

You’ll Need

45 ml Monkey Shoulder Whiskey

4 to 6 mint leaves, fresh

90 ml sparkling apple juice

Make It

Smack mint to release flavour and place in a highball glass. Add Monkey Shoulder and fill with ice. Top with sparkling apple juice, stir briefly and garnish with mint sprig.

Source and image: Monkey Shoulder

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