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An Extraordinary Performance By Mama Mary Lwate

Mama Mary Lwate has been announced “Performer Extraordinaire” at an award ceremony during this year’s annual Smarties Week held at the Ocean Breeze Hotel in Strand, Cape Town.

Smarties Week (31 January to 5 February), fittingly named for all the “smarts” acquired during the week, allows the Clover Mama Afrika ladies to unite as they travel from all corners of South Africa to participate in a hands-on training course, which provides them with value-added workshops.

About Mama Mary

Mama Mary Lwate from Winterveld, Gauteng, started the Good Hope Community Organisation in 1997 to care for abandoned and abused children. Her extended family has grown from 18 girls to over 150 children from newborn to 20 years of age. The crèche alone has 44 children, who are cared for on a full-time basis. In addition, Mary ensures that they go to school and she provides them with certain skills like baking, dressmaking and knitting.

“I was shocked to hear them call out my name. I wasn’t expecting to win an award but I am so excited. I have won many awards but this one is the biggest by far,” explains Mama Mary Lwate. “We want to help the world to see South Africa like it used to be, and this can be done by the help of others. Clover has made a big difference in our lives; they always there to give a helping hand.”

Reaping the rewards

Professor Elain Vlok, founder of Clover Mama Afrika, explains, “Mama Mary was awarded Performer Extraordinaire for her strength in continuously empowering members to manage a respective self-help project and having the innovative ability in creating a success with her projects such as her jams and medicine supplies. Her centre has been built and designed in such a way that ensures a clean and healthy environment for all her members.”

Source and image: Clover Mama Afrika

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