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Al Fresco Love In The Garden

If you were to put as much love and time into your relationship as you do into your garden, things may start to grow a little faster.

With summer still in our midst, the warm February temperatures make the garden the perfect place for a little roll in the grass. If you’ve done the romantic dinner at a stiff restaurant for the last decade of your relationship, why not get a bit more creative with a late afternoon or early evening picnic in your own garden? All you’ll need is a blanket, some snacks and each other. Imagine a warm evening, the stars overhead and a glass of wine or two– simply sublime.

Just one disclaimer on the al fresco date: if there isn’t a single living thing in your garden, then perhaps rather spend this Valentine’s Day getting stuck into the soil planting so that you have your romantic setting for 2018.

In the meantime, some small pots with veggies and aromatic herbs like basil (which is believed to enhance sexual desire by increasing the heart rate and improving blood flow) should do the trick. Raw Living says this is how you can spend your Valentine’s Day in the garden.

Homegrown affection

Nothing says “I love you” like diamonds, or slaving away all day preparing a special meal for your partner. Take the sentimentality to the next level by making dinner with fresh ingredients from your garden for your picnic.

  1. Starters: How does bruschetta topped with balsamic roasted tomatoes and feta sound? Kinky? Pulpy red tomatoes are in fact often referred to as “love apples.”

  2. Mains: You may want to keep it light. The last thing anyone wants is to induce a food coma and have the romantic evening end prematurely. Consider a light spaghetti Napoletana with some freshly chopped basil leaves.

  3. Dessert: This should always be served in the bedroom.

Couples that plant together

Shower together after a day in the sun and soil. With work, children and busy social lives, couples may not get to spend as much alone time together as they’d like. Sometimes all a relationship needs to get a busy couple on track is a mutual hobby. A couple of hours in the garden, planting on your hands and knees on a weekend could do the trick. It’s a good idea for young couples to plant and maintain a garden before you get the nursery ready; if you’ve already raised children together, then this should come naturally.

Lessons from gardening

Considering it’s the month of love and we’re talking about planting and growing, we would be remiss if we didn’t leave you with some love nuggets.

  1. Water your relationship: Like your garden, your plants will bloom when they receive the right treatment. Regular communication will keep the relationship alive.

  2. Be kind to your relationship: Accept that relationships, like nature, go through phases of wilting and blooming and that you need to stick it out to achieve the end result.

  3. Regular weeding is important: Don’t let things fester. Address conflict as it arises to avoid an unnecessary blowup down the line.

RAW wishes you all the romance and love you wish yourselves on Valentine’s Day and all year round.

For more information, visit: Raw Living.

Source: Raw Living

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