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A Squat A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Are you trying to tone your legs and work on that perky butt? Squats will help you on your quest.

A squat involves crouching down or sitting with your knees bent getting your butt as close to your heels as possible, while your feet are flat on the floor! This is not easy to do and takes practise to perfect, but as soon as you master the technique, you might even find the urge to do them anywhere when you have a few spare minutes!

Seven reasons to include squats in your exercise programme:

  1. Burn fat and help you lose weight. Toning muscles burns calories, so squats make an excellent workout for weight loss and muscle toning.

  2. Improves circulation. When you squat and stretch your muscles, your heart has to pump more blood throughout your body. This improves circulation and ensures that more nutrients and oxygen reach all the important organs and muscles in your body.

  3. Help build muscles throughout your body. Although you are primarily focusing on leg muscles, squats create an anabolic environment where the body releases hormones fundamental to the development of muscle tissues. Moreover, squats help strengthen back muscles and assist you in preventing back pains caused by sitting in a chair for too long.

  4. Tone your whole legs. The greatest benefit of squats is that they tone the whole leg by using every muscle in your legs, while most gym equipment focuses on specific muscle groups.

  5. Rounder buttocks. This is one of the most famous benefits of squats! They firm up your backside without putting any unnecessary strain on your back.

  6. Good for digestion and removing waste from your body – not because of the positions you take when doing them, but the muscular action that improves the flow of fluids and assists your bowels in passing waste through your bowels.

  7. Improve body posture and give you better balance when you sitting, standing, and walking tall and upright.

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