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A Singleton’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to celebrate love unless you are the more cynical type; it can also be a fluffy pink explosion in your face!

Here’s a guide on how to make Valentine’s Day a night you’ll actually want to remember, whether you’re a sassy singleton or a loved-up romantic.

  1. Make it your day – If you’re spending Valentine’s Day solo, make sure you have access to all the things you love. Grab your favourite films, food, games or crafts and just take the time to be you. Embrace your independence and be happy with yourself; Valentine’s Day can be fun if you allow it to be. Start by spending the day enjoying your own company, surrounded by the things you love.

  2. Buy something new – Go on! Treat yourself! You deserve it. That new watch you were looking at or new dress you drooled over last week? On a day that celebrates love, what better way than a bit of self-love. It will also look great when you decide to get your single friends together and spend the evening with good food and copious amounts of wine.

  3. Remind people you care – Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being in a relationship! It’s about celebrating all the people you love. Call up your loved ones and say hi, just to let them know you care. Maybe it’s your best friend, your gran, or your work friend who has felt a little down lately. Use Valentine’s Day as a good excuse to ring and remind people just what they mean to you. Especially if you are in need of a little love – the chances are they might feel the same.

  4. Organise a group outing – Don’t be fooled by people telling you Valentine’s Day is just for couples! There are plenty of options to entertain large groups of friends who want to celebrate too. For those looking to celebrate single life this year, Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton is running its very own singles’ party and hosting a community table, because nights out are better spent together.

Source: Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton. Image: Pixabay

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